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jobella37 said
I moved to Sarasota, Florida from Branford, CT in June 2015, divorced, and looking to meet new people and sex partners as well. I had heard good things about Verheiratete Frauen, so I decided to give it a try. Initially, I was quite conservative with my profile, not posting too wild photos of body parts or sexual poses. I did meet some people and it went pretty well. I had fun.

I became quite popular, the more photos and videos I added as the years went on, and I came out of my sexual shell. I got into the most liked videos for my age group within 200 miles of my hometown, and it has stayed that way. I love to play and entertain on webcam and get men aroused and hard. I adore all the various features on this site and try to stay quite active. I also have a very thorough profile.

I started to gain confidence from Verheiratete Frauen and ventured out to other webcam sites and adult venues. I received a formal offer from a professional Porn Agency in Miami in July of 2019 to do 2 days of filming for great money. I was psyched!

I have also made many good friends from this site. Thank you, Verheiratete Frauen for keeping me entertained, raising my self-esteem, and bettering my sex life!
crytl said
I joined Verheiratete Frauen a few months ago. I’ve been on a few adult websites in the past and I’ve always been very disappointed with the service. When I joined Verheiratete Frauen I was expecting a similar experience.

After the early reservations I can honestly say I think the website is absolutely brilliant. I love watching the live webcam shows and the webcam introductions. There's nothing hotter than watching real people having sex and it's much better than watching the fake looking porno movies.

I've also met my first Guy from here recently and he was an absolute stunner, very attractive, extremely horny and a lovely person as well. We are planning future meets and we're hoping to fulfill a few more of our fantasies.

here is y number if you are interested in me +1 469 933 2460
Donny321g said
I'm single wife died 8yrs ago. I haven't yet been able to tell you my success story. Let's start here right now.Im willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you are very satisfied.Im a good man. (Never had complaint about me fucking women) I love to lick pussy as long as it is clean. You will enjoy licking my Dick Women say it is perfect not to big not small.just enough to make you wimper when we slide it in your pussy..I will put it wherever you want me to in back if you want of course in your mouth fill you in with my delicious CUM . OK let's go!! I promise you will not want another man after we make love. The sooner the better. I'm ready right now. My Dick is hard & starting to oozz some slick preCUM You will never have enough of this it is great for your taste buds you'll love it. You can suck me anyplace you want. How about inpublic?? I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you are on your way to the best orgasms of your life. Let's do it now.ill be hard and waiting hurry please. I guess I might let male suck my dick we can check it out. I want to CUm now.!! I'll try it . prefer woman
Biggestbob68 said
I love the beach I love to go to to dinner I love back riding I love to go camping fishing and hopefully I'll find someone that will love ball what I like to do and take her to dinner hello sports basketball football I live alone Ben for two years and looking for somebody for compassion love and outgoing person hopefully I'll meet my dream here
Craving2fkwomen said
I was looking for a woman who was interested in nsa naughty on fun play time with me and another woman or man and instead I found the perfect man who is the love of my life and we are moving in together and planning our future. Found my alpha man and he found his alpha woman.
Wannawatchu62 said
WOW........WHAT A RIDE.......I am 64 next week and been on Verheiratete Frauen for a couple of years or so now.....I have learned and laughed and touched. I have found things about myself and my body that are very much a part of my sensuality now and touched some bodies that are very much a part of me....if you are looking for some wild sex this is the place to go, if you are looking for some easy soft great time (but not wild) sex this is the place to be...have fun, have some laughs and enjoy the excitement of someone new. when i think of the friends i have made i smile, when i think of the love i have made i really smile.....and then i wanna do it somemore\ kisses and giggles Tink
63401969 said
Had my first MFM 2 years ago. She came close to being perfect in every way. They came in, drinking and wanted 2 massages. That is my specialty. We all got naked, had a drink and he went first. It was hard not to take my eyes off of her. I gave them both head to toe all over body massages. They both qualified for their choices of happy endings. When I was sucking his cock. Toni was grabbing my hand and dunking it into her soaking wet pussy. When he came in my mouth, she wanted a kiss from me right away. I spent a lot of time on her. He was playing with himself and watching. When I got to her butt, I licked it without telling her. She gave a little squeal and opened wide for me to play. When I got to those perfect tits, I licked the tips and played. Down at the "y", I spent more than an hour. Did everything I could think of.

I like to finger women in their pussy and butthole. They tell me immediately if they like it. Cancer took away the ability to fuck but not to give pleasure. She was close to squirting and I asked if she wanted to. She said she didn't know how but would I teach her. Tasted so good. She asked if they could fuck on the floor. I said yes as long as I got to clean them both up with my tongue. We played for 3 hours. They left promising to come back..They live near me. Want the email?
Cocklover0416 said
I have thought about being with a guy since the age of .... Opened an with Verheiratete Frauen and persued my desires. My encounter was everything I ever imagined and can hope that there are plenty more to come....thanks Verheiratete Frauen
Carolynlester said
Verheiratete Frauen has been a great way for to meet new friends and lovers. I love browsing profiles and the chatrooms are great. I belong to several other dating sites, but by far this is the best.
BioMutanten said
I have been on the Internet since Jan. 1999 when I built my company URL. Never had to work or pay a bill ever since. In 20 years I have joined every "dating" website I could find because I got fooled into believing I could find a girlfriend on the Internet. After 2 decades of "chatting" with "profiles" that I never met, I have never talked to any woman, had a "date" or even had sex in 20 years. It messed me up mentally, physically and spiritually. I actually gave up on my own life it is so bad. Trying to find a girlfriend in California just made me depressed and the more I try the more depressed I get. I never had this problem before the "Internet Pimping Peepshow". My life was quite the opposite before this "dating" nightmare that never happens.
UraJokeSharon said
I did the honorable thing and worked on becoming a better man and husband. But sharon lied. She's a good liar. Looked right in the and denied even knowing what I was taking about when I thought she was the one that put spy app in my phone. I wasn't mad. Because I was doing good everyday. But then I had to know who was because like a dummy I believed her. I got pictures of her blowing a guy, videos of her having sex wearing a mask. Seeing that I just wanted to die. But maybe I'll give her the benefit of doubt that her and her used photo shop. I knew she had looked in YouTube how to listen to my messages and texts so I started thinking she had something to do with it. So I went on crazy sites saying and wearing stuff to go so extreme she'd have to blow it and freak out. But she didn't. But she did send me a message like 3 30am the time I was on a site smoking myself hopefully into death. I had a gut feeling I was right because on one profile it had a message her birthday and the words I know. Then I saw her ginger the I.T. nerd who knows computers. Today I found evidence linking him and her and filed complaint to fcc for idk 40 offenses. I figure it was Adam because why else would my entire info of my phone be sent directly to sharon's phone?? Coincidence? Hey sharon remember when I told you crying that I just want peace between us even just kindness a few months ago because I was so depressed I seriously thought suicide. Yea and then you and your unchristian friends treated me even worse no mercy until I came the closest to death. That's when God took you from my pain and I don't feel anything for you except the need to pray for you and the rest of you. You don't treat a person like entertainment or garbage when then are severely depressed. But you don't care if I died because I read the message on MY YouTube page you illegally put a video with no other reason but revenge and payback. Just the opposite of what a Christian is called to do to others with a sentence saying... We are sorry for the family if this video leads to the death by suicide of dwight.. there you go there's the bottom line folks. I forgive you honestly. I don't care to see any of you again i pray for change thinking
Nuttssll said
man I have this chick goddamn hands behind her back mess you reeling from the bank get her hands when I reached up and grabbed her f******hair my dick went real deep in her and get my dick is in her ass dis time she bust so dam good it ran down my dick and made the vains sho
Nuttssll said
man I have this chick goddamn hands behind her back mess you reeling from the bank get her hands when I reached up and grabbed her f******hair my dick went real deep in her and get my dick is in her ass dis time she bust so dam good it ran down my dick and made the vains sho
TerMik67 said
Pretty simple. My wife and I have talked about having a MFM for years and she wasn’t interested.She had never done anything like this before. I will tell you we had great with someone we met on here and she enjoyed herself so much she’s looking for more. But there are so many bikes out there if you are for real us up
TerMik67 said
Pretty simple. My wife and I have talked about having a MFM for years and she wasn’t interested.She had never done anything like this before. I will tell you we had great with someone we met on here and she enjoyed herself so much she’s looking for more. But there are so many bikes out there if you are for real us up
pounce2004 said
35 years and counting....our journey began by chance, a random hook up, uncertain expectations and so fun...but how did we replicate this? Prior to internet and Verheiratete Frauen it was hard to explore, harder to hook up and very hard to filter the fakes and cheaters. But then came along Verheiratete Frauen. At first window shopping, then realization that your friends and neighbors were here too...then a , a share of photos and soon a date. Our first Verheiratete Frauen date was mind-blowing and today many years later are our closest friends, hottest sex partners and foundation for today, the perfect place to share, discover, explore and achieve any of your desires. Thanks for all the years Verheiratete Frauen
thericksster123 said
I've been on this and Adult Friend FINDERS NOW ABOUT YEARS AND I gotta tell you it's the best site to get laid on. its worked for well over 40 times and Ive made some good friends. They need to put back the persons date of last visit so you know if you're talking to someone who will respond. its kind of ruined the site.
fuckery7show said
Verheiratete Frauen is my favorite site on the interwebs. it is a creative forum for to express myself, make my own space, and spread my juju all over the place. i have met a circle of people i am proud to friends, who have introduced to the swinger community locally and globally. i broadcast live, and i get positive feedback... going to help bring sexy back. if sexy were a she'd be on Verheiratete Frauen so uts where everybody can meet, embrace the chill or sweat thru heat. as in there happens to be a chair for every butt. so lets get on down to getting spun up. may wet dreams encompass you in its intensity and may we all laugh loudly, luve freely and love like its the last affair of our lives. covencraft1999 at geeemail
Likegirls72 said
Sex fuck girls with strings attach.big butt freaks are good.A sexy lady are fuck ass girls but just want sex.Love ain't what I need right now.
jventer2020 said
I need attention ASAP!
Longsack19941994 said
Milf pussy and couger pussy sluts
1theMisfits said
So do you want to read some of my success stories? Warning....Reading my success story/stories could have serious side effects. The side effects include extreme hard-ons. Sometimes it leads to masturbating, don't go blind. Other side effects include looking at my profile repeatedly through the and night. Sénding cock pictures with messages about how your going to fuck me. Please proceed with lube.... So I have had a great experience with Passion. I have made some friends, and shared my bed with a select few. I used to be kind of shy, talking about sex to other people especially strangers. Not anymore, I have no problem now. Sometimes I find myself just asking asking men if they are married, and if they have ever been on Passions website. I have introduced Passions to about people. Passions has started a fire in that I didn't know was burning for men with big cock. I have got the pleasure to feel every position, with men from Passion. I love it and highly recommend it!!!!!
deandemottein said
Ducatidillon said
my name is Ryan I was in need of blowing my load today and it’s a two day load anyways and I couldn’t for the life of I went down to castle Silverdale and the nice lady must have even 46 or something was so gorgeous and I was so horny. She was asking me what kinds of thing I have an mind and I said I want to be deepthroat Do you haveing like that and she said yes but it’s not a toy I’ll deepthroat you
Angel1961angel said
Using Verheiratete Frauen, I hooked up with a man who showed how a man can suck a cock, I mean taking it all caressing licking and swallowing every drop, then toy role play! Then ask if he could invite his friend over, it was his fuck buddies, oh man we tag teamed her, and they both sucked my cock to the end! And the best, I still meet with her weekly,
Abdeagou said
I kissed someone the beach. We played and laughed a lot. We tried something we hadn't tried before. Like we had an underwater race.
hvnfuninqc said
Great site been a member many years and we have met some great couples and sexy men. Love the video page and very easy to navigate the site. Look forward to many more encounters on Verheiratete Frauen
Winghekub said
Every contact made led texting and emails. The women seemed interested meet, but then they asked for money be sent them. Every single one was a scam. I met NO real women in my 100 mile search over 30 days. I have many stories of meeting scammers, but not one about finding and meeting a real person to actually meet. They were all liars and deceitful people. The same holds true for alt, which I have had a parallel membership with. I’m very disappointed with th money spent and more so the time I have wasted on the site thinking I would really connect with someone. I am handsome, single, have money, own my own company, and was not one of those ignorant doc pic posting guys. Nor was I just messaging anyone being ignorant or vulgar. Plus, with this corona virus keeping everyone inside, I expected to see a spike in the membership. It didn’t happen....same people on here. Very disappointed.
gheitzmann said
i did not think i could do this i have low self esteem it toke a lot of nerve to take pic. of my body with no clothing i & closeups of my penis i can not imagine that manny want to see me nude thank ever one i wish i could get gold not working right now
Naughtystudents6 said
Naughtystudent6 had never been with other couples until this site became part of an addiction for me( him) camming is such a turn on being watched by strangers that will possibly be touching you in the near future! Stay tune I'm getting a web can buz soon.
hungryrob58 said
What was a great site 20 yrs ago is garbage today. Members not responding to chats (if they are even legitimately on and not synthesized by computer software?), Displaying multiple member pics repetitively to only give the appearance of lots of members on multiple pages, Not allowing to let members view profiles by point purchases but continually putting up the upgrade page. The site is functioning at it's worst level ever and must be reflecting considerable revenue losses as many members I played with in the past have left the site and like myself for the longest time were no longer paying for gold because of no connections being made. Redo the site, start from square one again and regain some creditability!!!
Prettykhloe said
He came to my hotel room ready to go and down to fuck ... I almost made him with jus a bj .. it was so cute and sexy my pussy got wet jus feeling his excitement I had to slow down on my strokes I was sucking his dick tight and when he finally did put it in it I was so wet he came within 5 minutes
bonzo58902345 said
I meet a man we clicked he had a few friends I sucked all there dicks in one night it was 6 of them I was loving it they filled my mouth with cum I swallowed it all I got a couple of them 3 times to cum in my mouth I had 2 of them in my mouth at the time cumming at the time I really enjoyed that we are still friends I hook up with weekly
Mystery72beer said
still alone did what they said to get the help line is a joke so my match is and my hand...yea
Isuckndswallowbw said
I was very very much appreciated the opportunity to meet up with him but I don't know what to do with the best tight schedule for him and I just wanted to be useful for some reason I thought it was a great party suck at first
cccall2play81 said
I don't kiss and tell but I truly love this app
cccall2play81 said
I don't kiss and tell but I truly love this app
Desirelezdom69 said
I have found my Female Dominant who is willing to accept as her submissive slave and property. a happy kinky slutty lezsissy whore.
Bigdeepinme said
I have been by but hard to find people then I seen transsexuals turn me on and I have Christ dressed and been so excited about it but have not hooked up with one yet that is my ultimate fantasy to find a dominant one to take full control of me I have no say If you can think it I will do it will not say no to anything take control I want to be dominated on that one you have dreamed of and been looking for I hope to hook up and serve you in every way
Bryannud said
I came to Verheiratete Frauen, eyes wide open, got naked, and dug in. I've met the nicest people here, and am comfortable to them friends our home together here.
Lsse21 said
Been on here for a few months. Limited success, I did meet one adult friend on here. This is not going to do much for Verheiratete Frauen marketing. If you their for joining, may be better.
SpiceItUp4U33 said
Sucess is making whatever your dream is come to life. Smash, Clean, Repeat.
Littlefalls234 said
Yes this is the best for meeting women remember this site and pics will make you want more
rm_cuntscum2 said
I've had an amazing experience using Adult Friend Finder, I met two great guys our gatherings were all memorable, one was an older gentleman we'd meet in a motel and had mostly oral sex (mmmm) and titties sucking with great conversation, the other was a Federal Express Driver, we met in a hotel once and fucked and sucked our brains off, a lot of experimenting, we met mostly in our cars lol we fucked outside in early mornings/ lunch times or whenever we could meet up, we intended to do a threesome but life happens and we did not stay n touch. I loved being with both men if one was not available the other was, but my favorite meet up with the site was in a hotel, I booked the room and schedule times for each man to come over so I could get my fill, my pussy is getting wet just thinking about it, there were about 5 men filled me starting from around noon till pm, I showered and was fresh and ready for the next FAT WHITE COCK that entered my juicy Pussy, I Love this site and ready to experience more Dick, Oh I had an encounter with s Fat Pussy too, great times
Fantasywish17 said
I met countryboy1973
Badboyxxx919 said
Hello , i like you , i like fucking you , you a sexy , ... addfriend and ok .
Us4utooplay said
, We started talking then progressed to chatting on the phone. We agreed to meet for drinks at the local exotic dancing establishment. We then finished our lap dances & drove to the hotel. After some flirting we found all 4 of us on the bed caress & kissing as our bodies started to heat up. We watched the other couple as they stripped off their clothes like they were on fire. We got so turned on watching them as we kissed & nibbled on each other knowing they were watching us too. It was a hot sweaty dirty mess when we were all done. We still have outings with them as well as web cam with each other. So folks never give up... just breath, relax & enjoy meeting new people. It will just happen & it’s well worth it.
ExcellentDD said
We're do I start my husband neglected . So I set too make myself available. My luck I contacted Herpes in 20, thanks to Adult Friend finder I have met 0 of guys and never told them about my sickness. Know they have slept with thousands. For such a small . a fucking nasty . Robin castillo because proud.
Bielsrb said
well I had my 1st experience with a shemale on this site but only once looking for another. It was great I never came before without having sex or masterbating. but while I was receiving I had a big orgasm probably my biggest. hope to receive again and have another one soon with a shemale. Man it was great
Maliconda said
I found my husband, the best ass eater thanks to Verheiratete Frauen..